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Poppadoms Korma Sauce


Introducing Poppadoms’ Korma Sauce—an impeccable fusion of flavours crafted without compromise. Immerse yourself in the essence of Indian cuisine with this ready-to-cook sauce, meticulously formulated to remain preservative-free, additive-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and entirely vegan.

Delight in the creamy, mild richness and aromatic spices that define our Korma Sauce. Designed to elevate your culinary experience, this sauce captures the essence of traditional Indian cooking while accommodating diverse dietary preferences. Its velvety texture and harmonious blend of spices effortlessly bring the soulful essence of Korma dishes straight to your table.

With Poppadoms, relish the convenience of a sauce that retains authenticity and quality. Whether it’s succulent chicken, tofu, or mixed vegetables, simply combine them with our Korma Sauce to embark on a delightful taste journey—a culinary adventure tailored to meet various dietary needs without compromising the authenticity of Indian flavours.

Savour the indulgence of a sauce that not only ignites your taste buds but also champions inclusivity and purity. Poppadoms’ Korma Sauce invites you to savour the authentic depth of India’s culinary heritage with every spoonful—naturally, authentically, and entirely vegan-friendly. Elevate your meals effortlessly and let the true essence of Korma flavours grace your table.


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